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Our program is extremely simple. Put $299 down on any GBIKE, and pay the remaining balance off over 6 months. We setup a simple schedule of electronic payments from your checking account on the dates of your choosing, just as if you were using your debit card. You may spread the cost over a total of 24 payments to pay off the total balance over 6 months.

Fees are extremely low. There's a one-time $35 dollar enrollment fee, and the interest rate is 6% of total purchase price, plus 30 cents per electronic payment. Please note that the 6% finance charge is on the total purchase price only, it is not charged monthly. Our 6% rate is extremely competitive considering the average interest rates on similar programs are in the 10-14% range.

Here's a simple example. On the purchase of a GBIKE City, the total cost when using this program is $1731.58, which is spread out over 24 (4 weekly payments for 6 months). Here's how we arrive at the total price:

$1449.99 (Price of a G-Bike City)
+ 9.75% CA sales tax
+ $35 Enrollment fee
+ $7.30 (24 payments @ $0.30 each)
+ 6% Int. Rate
= $1731.58

For example, put $299 down, then make 24 weekly payments of $59.69. In this example, you pay off the bike in full in 6 months. However, you have the option to pay off the balance in 1 day, 1 week, or over the full 6 months period. There is no pre-payment penalty.

Income Verification Requirements are Minimal. All we need, are bank statements (statement must show direct deposits of income), or pay stubs showing income of twice the total purchase price and you're instantly approved. So if you earn more than $3463.14 a month, you're instantly approved! That's it! Very simple. Very straightforward. If you don't make $3463.14 a month, we still me be able to get you approved if you are able to put down a larger payment.

Our No Credit Check Financing Program is:

  • Simple
  • Inexpensive
  • Transparent
  • Flexible
  • No Credit Check Required